Jimmy Jibs

The Stanton Jimmy Jib has become the industry standard remote camera crane. NYC Jibs offers a large inventory of Jimmy Jib packages and accessories, supporting 35mm, 16mm, HD & SD formats. Our jibs can be configured from 3' to 40' in length, with a maximum lens height of 45'. NYC Jibs is your source for Jimmy Jib rentals, and highly qualified operators in New York City and beyond.

Jib Models

Model Reach Height
12 Meter 40’ 12m 45’ 13.8m
Extreme 30’ 9.1m 33’ 10.6m
Super Plus 24’ 7.3m 30’ 9.1m
Super 18’ 5.4m 25’ 7.6m
Giant Plus 15’ 4.5m 23’ 7m
Giant 12’ 3.6m 19’ 5.7m
Standard Plus 9’ 2.7m 16’ 4.8m
Standard 6’ 1.8m 13’ 3.9m
Junior 3’ .9m 9’ 2.7m

Jib Accessories

  • Bartech wireless focus system with M-0ne motor
  • Bartech zoom system with Heden M26T motor
  • 120° dutch head
  • Track and skate wheels